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More changes at Facebook

By sacredonline, Jan 18 2018 10:52AM

It seems that Facebook is again going to change the way posts are displayed in our news feeds in a way which will make it harder for posts from businesses and organisations to be visible. Visibility will depend not so much on the number of Likes and Shares but more on the amount of comment and discussion generated.

Facebook's explanation is that Facebook was designed as a social site and that too many posts are mere Likes and Shares, with not enough personal interaction and discussion. The cynics among us can't help thinking that it's also an attempt to get more businesses to pay for Facebook advertising.

If you've been following our Facebook page, please bear in mind that you may not see so many of our posts in your news feed. We suggest the following:

1. Visit our page regularly to keep up with our news;

2. Leave comments on our posts, including if you share one with your contacts;

3. You can also keep up with us via our website and on Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

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